Sunday, January 15, 2012

Which Best Vapor Steam Cleaners Are Most Eco-Friendly?

Best Vapor Steam Cleaner
The best steam cleaners from Daimer®, a reputable supplier of cleaning machines, provide high temperature output up to 386°F. Many of these machines also have technologies such as automatic refill and anti-bacterial capabilities.

These are called the best vapor steam cleaners not just for their cleaning ability. These are one of the most eco-friendly cleaning machines too. This post provides reasons for why these tools are environment friendly.

No Need for Harmful Detergents
The best vapor steam cleaners clean with their high temperature outputs. With temperatures up to 386°F, often times heat alone is enough to eliminate tough dirt and stains from surfaces. If detergents are needed, it is recommended to use green cleaning chemicals. Steam cleaning machines don’t just melt dirt and impurities with their high temperature outputs, but they can kill off harmful bacteria and fungi too.

Sanitization Ability
The best vapor steam cleaners are equipped with special technology for sanitizing surfaces. ATIS® technology from Daimer®, one of the most innovative suppliers of cleaning machines, is one good example of such technologies.

This technology can kill off many species of disease-causing bacteria and fungi. External lab tests have proven that ATIS® technology can kill off more than 99% of commonly occurring harmful microorganisms.

Dry Surfaces
Another benefit of using top steam cleaning machines is that the vacuum extraction ability. It can be difficult and time consuming to use towels or separate vacuum machines to extract the liquid left behind after cleaning.