Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Make The Barbecue Shine With The Best Vapor Steam Cleaners!

The best vapor steam cleaners can make the job of cleaning out barbecue less of a chore. It’s no secret that pulling out the grill and having a barbecue is a pastime everyone really enjoys. But cleaning that grill afterwards is no fun at all, especially when you have to tackle it all by yourself. Grills and barbecues need to be cleaned thoroughly; if they’re not, it can affect the working of the grill and what you cook on it. Sometimes, the job can literally be a back-breaking task. By using one of the best vapor steam cleaners, you can make the job much easier.

Some of the best vapor steam cleaners have been brought out by Daimer®. These steam cleaners provide two large benefits when compared to ordinary grill-cleaning methods. One is that since ultra high temperature steam and high pressure are used, you don’t have to spend hours trying to chip away rock-hard deposits on the bottom of your grill. In fact, using the best vapor steam cleaners also allows you to extract residue and build-up. This greatly reduces the cleaning load for you.

Another huge benefit of the best vapor steam cleaners is that you don’t have to rely on chemicals. Many grill and barbecue cleaning fluids can contain harsh chemicals that are not only risky to use but also cause harmful build-up on your grill. Using a vapor steam cleaner makes the job easier and safer for you and the environment. You can learn more about vapor steam cleaners by visiting
Friday, March 13, 2009

KleenJet ® Ultra 10320CV

Best Vapor Steam Cleaners
Vapor steam cleaners use dry steam to disinfect and sanitize while cleaning. This action combined with the pressure of a steam cleaner can actually loosen dirt and other particles for more effective cleaning. If you are looking for the most efficient method of steam cleaning, your search will end with Daimer ®. Daimer ® is the industry’s leading source for the best vapor steam cleaners.

One of the best vapor steam cleaners offered by Daimer ® exists within its commercial/industrial, high-capacity line: the KleenJet ® Ultra 10320CV. What makes this machine one of the best vapor steam cleaners is its sheer power. The Ultra 10320CV is powered by a robust 32,000 watt, 440V, 3-phase engine. This extreme power provides for ultra-high steam temperatures up to 360 ºF and high steam cleaning pressure levels of 150 psi.

However, what makes the KleenJet® Ultra 10320CV better than the best vapor steam cleaners on the market is its high capacity and use of advanced technologies. As a continuous refill machine, the Ultra 10320CV allows users to work continuously throughout a job via direct water feed or the 20 liter refill chamber. This eliminates any need for stopping, refilling, and waiting for the machine to heat. As such, the Ultra 10320CV affords users the luxury of time. This ability is further extended by the machine’s high capacity 14 liter boiler and 20 liter detergent tank. Save time with Daimer ®, the best vapor steam cleaners in the industry, at
Wednesday, March 4, 2009

KleenJet ® Supreme 3000CVGP

KleenJet® Supreme 3000CVGP
The KleenJet ® Supreme 3000CVGP by Daimer ® is one of the best vapor steam cleaners on the market. One of the reasons the Supreme 3000CVGP is one of the best vapor steam cleaners available is due to its inclusion of Daimer ® exclusive features. These features include ATIS ® (Advanced Thermal Ionic Sanitization®) technology and GUM-EXTERMINATOR ® chewing gum removal kit.

The Supreme 3000CVGP cleans, sanitizes, and disinfects using ultra-high temperature steam reaching up to 330ºF. In combination with these astounding temperatures is the ATIS ® technology which works to kill 99.9% of disease-causing pathogens, harmful bacteria, mold, and more. As an ANTI-BACTERIAL steam cleaner, the Supreme 3000CVGP cleans and freshens the indoor air environment. Additionally, with the included HEPA filter, the 3000CVGP provides and extra layer of protection against harmful allergens. All of these features make the KleenJet ® Supreme 3000CVGP one of the best vapor steam cleaners. But, that is not all.

As a GUM-EXTERMINATOR ® machine, the Supreme 300CVGP comes standard with Daimer®’s unique chewing gum removal kit for the quick and effective removal of even the hardest, most stuck-on chewing gum from a variety of surfaces at a rapid rate of up to 500 pieces per hour! It is no wonder why this powerful, versatile machine is one of the best vapor steam cleaners on the market.

As one of the best vapor steam cleaners, the Supreme 3000CVGP uses the power of high-temperature steam to achieve the highest degree of clean. To learn more about the power of steam and the best vapor steam cleaners, visit