Thursday, October 6, 2011

How to Buy the Best Vapor Steam Cleaners

Best Vapor Steam Cleaner
If you are to go by what is written on the Internet, almost all steam cleaning machines are the best vapor steam cleaners. Virtually every supplier claims their product is what you need. But, everybody knows that it cannot be true. Even in this technologically advanced age, the best things are rare. Here are few things that distinguish the best machines from the rest.

High Temperature
The output temperature is the lifeline of any steam cleaning machine. The best vapor steam cleaners should have the highest output temperature. Advanced machines from Daimer® have an output temperature reaching 386°F. The high output temperature means better cleaning efficiency and quicker cleaning time.

Automatic Refilling
High quality machines are designed for making work easier. The best vapor steam cleaners should have an automatic refilling capability. In conventional machines, the operator has to stop the cleaning work to refill the machine. But, in the best machines from Daimer®, the cleaning worker just needs to connect the tank to a water source. Water will be automatically refilled when required.

Antibacterial Technology
The advantage of steam cleaning equipment over other cleaning machines is it can clean the surface as well as sanitize it. The best vapor steam cleaners rely not on output high temperature, but specialized anti-bacterial technologies to eliminate germs and bacteria. Daimer®’s ATIS® technology available with KleenJet® steam cleaners helps remove over 99 percent of surface germs, bacteria, and allergens.