Monday, March 29, 2010

Best Vapor Steam Cleaners for Spot Cleaning Carpets

vapor steam cleaners
No steam cleaner is suitable for carpet cleaning; but some of the best vapor steam cleaners can be used for spot cleaning carpets.

Why Steam Cleaners

Cleaning professionals will agree that it is better to use carpet cleaners for cleaning carpets and upholstery. These systems inject a cleaning solution with non-heated or heated water into a carpet to dissolve residues, extracting out all water, solution, and dirt deposits. However, steam cleaning machines, used by cleaning professionals for a host of hard surface cleaning applications, are efficient in removing specific stains or spots from a small area of carpet.

Things to Check

One must understand that carpets exposed to steam for a long time may end up damaged. The best vapor steam cleaners provide a steam output that has a temperature of 310°F to 360°F. Such a high temperature melts stains and spots. However, these temperatures can also destroy carpet fibers. These machines should not be used on surfaces coated with paper, wax, or wool.

Which are the Best Machines for Carpet Spot Cleaning?

Daimer®, a well-known supplier of cleaning products, offers the best vapor steam cleaners for spot cleaning carpets and mats. Some of the machines in the KleenJet® series, such as the KleenJet® Mega 500VP, are suitable for spot cleaning carpets and mats.

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Find Effective Cleaning Systems for Toilet Maintenance

Best Vapor Steam Cleaners KJ3000CV
Cleaning bathrooms and toilets is no easy task. While toilet seats and urinals may feature tough stains, the shower stalls and faucets may look dull due to soap scum. To simplify these cleaning jobs, most people utilize harsh cleaning agents and detergents. However, you must remember most commercially available cleaning chemicals include toxic components that can trigger allergic reactions or serious health risks. This is where you must understand the advantages of using the best vapor steam cleaners to clean toilets and bathrooms.

The best vapor steam cleaners available on the market today belong to the KleenJet® series from Daimer®. These steam cleaners are renowned for their superior construction and top-grade components including heavy-duty, stainless steel boilers. In addition to generating steam at extremely high temperatures, the best vapor steam cleaners also feature advanced technologies that ensure unmatched sanitization results. The unique ATIS® technology is one such feature that enables the elimination of up to 99.9 percent of harmful bacteria and pathogens that thrive in the damp environments of toilets and bathrooms.

You can enhance the cleaning power of even the best vapor steam cleaners by adding green cleaning chemicals to the detergent tank. Quality steam cleaning machines in the KleenJet® range are also capable of individually functioning as a wet vacuum cleaner, steam vacuum cleaner, or vapor steam cleaning machine.

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