Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Best Vapor Steam Cleaners for Hotels and Hospitals

Best Vapor Steam Cleaners for Hotels and Hospitals
The best vapor steam cleaners are powerful cleaning machines that are employed to remove dirt, grime, and tough stains from hard surfaces. They can be used to clean the walls and flooring of bathrooms, kitchens and lobbies, as well as cleaning furniture and bedding. They are extremely useful and have many applications in hospital and hotel industries.

The hospitality industry, including hotels, spas, resorts, and restaurants, requires a highly sanitized environment and a well-maintained look to attract and retain customers. Dirty looking rooms or commercial kitchens can turn away guests and have an adverse effect on business prospects. Hospitals also have strict hygiene guidelines to follow to ensure the health and safety of patients, guests, doctors, nurses, and staff. It is important to employ specialized cleaning equipment to keep the premises and facilities clean. Some of the best vapor steam cleaners are available from Daimer Industries®, the prime supplier of specialized cleaning machines for both commercial and residential purposes.

Daimer® steam cleaners, such as the KleenJet® 1000CVP, include their patented ATIS® anti-bacterial technology proven to eliminate more than 99 percent of commonly found germs and bacteria in kitchens and hospitals. The best vapor steam cleaners also come equipped with HEPA (High Efficient Particulate Air) filters. They block small microscopic particles such as allergens, fungus, pollens, and dust particles to purify the air. In addition, a number of Daimer® steam cleaners come with attached vacuums, ideal for cleaning up the liquid residue left behind after the cleaning process. When used along with Daimer®’s Eco-Green® cleaning solutions, areas can be cleaned easily without leaving behind any toxic residue.

These technologies are highly effective in reducing dust levels in sensitive areas such as hospitals, health clubs, spas, and hotels. They not only guarantee optimum cleanliness, but also help in ensuring that the ill effects of allergens, dust, and pollen do not affect guests and patients in a hospital.