Friday, May 28, 2010

Best Vapor Steam Cleaners – Boiler Features

Best Vapor Steam Cleaners
The boiler is an important part of steam cleaning machines. The best vapor steam cleaners have boilers that are easy to maintain, are robust, and can operate continuously. Additionally, they should carry a lifetime warranty, to maintain proper functionality for the life of the machine. Buying machines with poor quality boilers and limited warranties will result in extra cost when they need to be replaced frequently.

Many steam cleaning machines on the market have aluminum boilers, which do cannot endure the high temperature and pressure levels needed for industrial cleaning. The best vapor steam cleaners have stainless steel boilers. These boilers are safer because they are more equipped to handle tough cleaning tasks. Daimer® offers both stainless steel boilers and heating elements for maximum efficiency and durability.

The boiler should come with a lifetime warranty. Many suppliers offer only limited warranties on their boilers or even no warranty, which will result in an expensive replacement should anything happen to the machine. Many machines have the heating elements fused to the boiler, so the owner is forced to replace the boiler instead of only the heating element if it stops working. This can be a very expensive replacement. Daimer®’s boilers have detachable heating elements that can be replaced individually. This not only makes replacement easier, but less expensive as well.

The best vapor steam cleaners have boilers that can be refilled without shutting down the machine. This is achieved through the addition of continuous refill technology where a secondary refill chamber is used to add water while the machine is running. Water is drawn from this chamber to the boiler as needed. This technology is a key feature in Daimer®’s machines, whereas other steam cleaner operators need to take frequent breaks while they refill the boiler and rebuild pressure levels and temperature levels.

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