Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Best Vapor Steam Cleaners for the Hospitality Industry

Vapor Steam Cleaners for the Hospitality Industry
The best vapor steam cleaners offer superior cleaning power for the hospitality industry. These machines help eliminate tough dirt and grime from bathrooms, kitchens, lobbies, furniture, bedding, and many hard surfaces. Equipped with the right technology, they can even eliminate germs and trap allergens and dirt from circulating in the air.

Why Use the Best Vapor Steam Cleaners?

A hotel or restaurant that is not well kept may result in a loss of customers. Many guests may question whether the food or rooms are sanitary if the common areas are full of dirt and stains. Guests who spend a night in dirty accommodations often will not return. As such, cleanliness is key when operating a hotel, motel, or resort.

Those who utilize the best vapor steam cleaners can quickly and easily eliminate many types of stains from various areas including lobbies, waiting areas, kitchens, guest rooms, bathrooms, and more. Using the most qualified steam cleaners to achieve an advanced degree of clean gives the customer a sense of comfort and satisfaction.


In order to select the best vapor steam cleaners, one must understand the features that make these machines the best. A common feature found with Daimer®’s top steam cleaners is their anti-bacterial ATIS® technology, proven to eliminate more than 99 percent of commonly found bacteria and germs on the surface. In addition, a large number of their steam cleaners include HEPA filters for trapping dirt and allergens, and attached vacuums for cleaning up the remaining dirt residue. Not only do these features ensure the cleanliness of the facility, they ensure the health of guests and employees, as well.

Daimer®, a popular supplier of cleaning products to the hospitality sector, offers steam cleaning machines with a range of cleaning capabilities.
Thursday, August 5, 2010

Versatile Steam Cleaners for Multiple Applications

Steam Cleaners for Multiple Applications
The best vapor steam cleaners should have features that enable their use for different applications. Daimer®’s best vapor steam cleaners are used for applications as diverse as cleaning ovens, removing gum, sanitizing bathrooms and kitchens, and extracting allergens from mattresses and carpets. These machines are equipped with a range of features helpful for numerous applications.

Many of Daimer®’s steam cleaners feature their ATIS® technology, proven to eliminate up to 99 percent of germs and bacteria on the surface. Daimer®’s best vapor steam cleaners are also equipped with HEPA filters and both dry and wet vacuum features. The HEPA filter blocks microscopic particles, mostly allergens and bacteria. It effectively removes pollen, fungal spores, pet hair, dust mites, and different types of germs.

Daimer®’s HEPA filters work in two phases. The germs and dirt are suctioned in through a wet or dry vacuuming system. Then, the HEPA filter separates out particles up to 3 microns in diameter and prevents them from being reintroduced into the air. This system not only allows extraction of dirt, but also speeds up removal of germs and allergens. These steam cleaners are also highly effective in deodorizing.

Daimer®’s best vapor steam cleaners are used in hospitals, restaurants, hotels, beauty salons, homes, spas, and similar areas. These machines do not require detergents, making them a much safer alternative to toxic cleaners. If a detergent is needed for cleaning tile, stoves, ovens, hoods, sinks, and similar areas when using steam cleaners, look up the Eco-Green® line of products from Daimer.